6 Grand Commercial Units Secured at the Foster Martin

It’s not one or two, but SIX high end commercial units secured for multiple investors at the celebrated Foster Martin on White Rock Commons by Landmark Premiere Properties designs.

Commercial units that fit the specifications of an investor are subject to each of their businesses unique needs. The process of selecting the right unit based on the building requires the consideration of multiple factors when you account. But there is always the restriction of the markets availability.

When it comes to finding the right commercial property, it can seem like there is nothing but slim pickings .

This is why the professional networks of your realtor are critical to seizing the right property for your business needs. As very few of these units are ever made public to the market.

This is why when we received access to the elusive and off market commercial units of Foster Martin were eager to share it with our investors.

This is how we were able to secure strata lots 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, and 14 for our investors! The units are now being renovated to their specifications curtesy of Oberizon Homes by Jas Oberoi.

Commercial opportunities are hard to come by as a business owner, especially when you’re working alone without guidance. Find yourself in good hands when you work with Jas Oberoi Group; from finding the right property off market, to renovating the office.

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