How to Maximize Your Return

It is Jas Oberoi Group’s pleasure to announce 21 19913 70th Ave as SOLD for our lovely clients. 

Our clients approached us earlier this year looking for a very specific price for their townhome. 

During our consultation we learned that other realtors had told them that it would be unlikely that the price they were expecting could be met, but the client was determined to sell this home for a certain profit. 

At Jas Oberoi Group, we’re a team of experts in the real estate market and we pride ourselves in our no-BS no-nonsense approach to real estate and in all honesty the price they were looking for just wasn’t realistic at the time. 

But spring was an incredibly tremulous time for the real estate market, and the right team of realtors could tell you that activity in the real estate market would be growing much more, and very quickly. 

We took the listing, after conferring with the client about his priorities, we explained that there would be a spike in activity coming soon and told the client to be patient, don’t worry, we’ll make sure the townhouse sells for the right profit. 

And as you know now, there wouldn’t be much of a story without a happy ending.

The clients were more than ecstatic about the final selling price of the home. The key message of the story is that any realtor can sell your home but for the sake of your investments, you’ll also need a realtor who can maximize your return.

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